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F.A.Q's ..... 

  1. Are there any hidden extras on top of the prices quoted.....?

  2. Is there any guarantee ... ?

  3. Can there be Delays in Deliveries ... if so why?

  4. What do I have to do before my building can be delivered or erected ... ?

  5. What maintenance is required for timber buildings ... ?

  6. Are the buildings re-locatable if I move house ... ?
  7. What's the difference between delivery only and delivered and erected ... ?
  8. Why was my call rejected or why didn't we return your call ... What can I as a customer do to help... ? 
  9. Where can I find prices on the site?

Are there any hidden extras on top of the prices quoted ... ?

No....all prices quoted prior to an order being placed are the price you pay also delivery and erection if required ...."NOTE"..... Please check our delivery scale charges page to view any costs which may be involved for your area...Once an order has been placed, we guarantee there will be no change in price once the work has been completed against the original specifications....This includes any orders placed during a sale or special promotion offer, even if delivery of the building is going to be after the sale or special promotion offer has ended.....Prices can only change if  YOU amend the specification of your order by asking for any additional extra's to be included in the final invoice after your original order was processed or the Government change the rate of "VAT"

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Is there any guarantee ... ?

Yes all our sectional buildings have a guarantee providing our staff erect them....for full details....please look at our written Product Guarantee page which you can access from the links at the left of any other guarantee other than the one you read on this site is, has been or ever will be offered... 

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Can there be delay's in Deliveries ... If so why?

Things which can cause delays when we are delivering buildings for self assembly are....

1...Material suppliers not delivering our raw material on time 2...Absenteeism of staff along with staff holiday periods which again slows down our manufacturing & delivery schedules..  

The following can cause delays if we are delivering and erecting the manufactured building for you....

1…Weather…High winds…Rain or a combination of both....In the interests of HEALTH & …we will not attempt to erect or carry shed sections, in wind which we feel is too high, which may cause injury to staff or damage to customers property…As when we deliver and erect our buildings, it' a heat bonded felt roofing system we use....Unfortunately  it is impossible to melt on the roofing seals if the main surface of the pre-felted roof sections are wet....(No matter what the so called expert over the garden fence may tell you!)…. Delivery timescales can vary! 

2…Customers who fail to inform us when they place their order, of any access problems….Typically customers expecting us to be able to fit an 8 ft high shed section through a 6 ft high opening…either a gate with height restrictions or through a house sized door as the only access to where the shed is going is through a garage or a house...If when we arrive the building cannot be erected due to insufficient clear access, WE WILL LEAVE THE BUILDING FOR YOU TO ASSEMBLE ... or... If you wish us to return again to erect the building once you have it to where it has to be erected, you will be charged....Also note that there will be an additional charge made if we will have to re-manufacture the building in to smaller sections to gain access to where the building has to be erected….If you think there might be a problem, save us time and your self money… PLEASE ASK!  

4…Customers who listen to the so called expert next door in stead of listening to what we tell them to do for their foundations…We will supply foundation diagrams free of charge if you want…Please don’t listen to them, just listen to us, we do know what we are talking about, it’s our job…If  we arrive and cannot erect the building due to poor foundation preparation, you will be charged for us to return again once you have rectified the foundation problem. 

5…Customers not leaving enough room for us to erect the building…Please leave enough room all round the building so we can erect it in as short a time as possible and also that you can get round the building to treat and maintain it…All buildings have overhangs on the roofs, the size of the buildings are wall sizes not the size of the roofs which are larger…DO NOT lay your foundation hard up against a wall or fence!

All Customers are important to us and we do endeavor to manufacture and deliver all products on time, however as stated above, there can be delays, which are totally out with our control.

 If there are delays of any kind we apologizes in advance and ask that you do not continually keep phoning the office to ask when your shed is coming.

Contrary to popular belief he or she who shouts loudest will not get their product any faster .... In fact it will take longer as we do not condone continual harassment from customers over the phone. when we have delays out with our control ... Customers who are only thinking of themselves in stead of understanding that ...... ALL DELAYS ARE CUMULATIVE .....Therefore they affect everyone! ...... will  be put further down our manufacture and delivery ...!

We thank you in advance for your assistance and understanding should there be any delay's in manufacture or delivery of your order.

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What do I have to do before my building can be delivered or erected... ? 

Before any building can be delivered and erected for any customer....It is their responsibility to prepare a suitable foundation to our recommendations, relevant to the building which has been ordered and also to advise us when the base is ready.....please adhere strictly to our recommendations regarding preparation of your foundation....It is also the customers duty to ensure that we have unobstructed assess...... if  we arrive we find an unsuitable foundation has been prepared or we cannot get the building sections to where they should be for us to erect will be charged for us to come back to erect the building once the foundation or access problem has been rectified... 

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What maintenance is required for timber buildings ... ?

We recommended you treat the exterior surfaces of any timber building when it's new...then again when it's about 6 months old and once again when it's about a year old...An annual treatment is more than ample there after.......When a timber building is new the timber is very dry and will soak in preservative more quickly that after it has been given a few coats.....any of the proprietary timber preservatives on the market are as good as each other...the choice of colour and make is extremely large...Note...All our buildings are supplied untreated externally.

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Are the buildings re-locatable if I move house ... ?

Most buildings we manufacture can be re-located (taken to bits then re-assembled)....If you feel that you might at a later stage need to transport your building to another address or location in your garden....YOU MUST.... inform us at the time you place your order, as the building has to be fixed together a different way to the one we use for free erection....For this alternative method of assembly on site there will be an extra charge involved...charges vary according to the type and size of the building.....Please feel free to ask about these charges at any time before you decide to place any order....

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What is the difference between delivery only & delivered and erected ... ?

If you are wanting delivery only for self assembly, it will be cheaper for the following reasons....

(1)...Self assembly......You will have rolls of nail on felt supplied in stead of heat bonded felt which is used if we erect....

(2)...All timber components along with hinges for your doors & glass for the windows are supplied but we do not supply either nails or screws....

The reason for this is, that we use special fixing guns when we are assembling the buildings, also we use special gas blow torches when we heat seal the roofs which develop almost 1000 degrees of heat, we do not nail the felt on if we are erecting.

(3)...For self assembly.....We will also deduct the labor costs involved for us not having to apply any heat bonded felt in our factory prior to delivery....

(4)...Finally......As you are assembling the building your self, we cannot give you any form of guarantee against YOUR workmanship....         

Guarantees can only be given for buildings with heat bonded felt roofs which our staff erect on behalf of a customer....The construction and specification of the buildings apart from anything specified above are the same whether you or we erect it....

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Why was my call rejected or why didn't we return your call ... What can I do as a customer to help ... ?

Many customers call from their office phones during the day which go through a reception exchange....When this happens and we return the call the receptionist we speak to has no idea who it was who called us....If we have spoken to you on the phone but for any reason we have to call you back.......Please state your name so we know who to ask for when we return your call, or call from your direct line number (or a mobile) so we can get back in touch with you....

Unfortunately many customers chose to with-hold their phone numbers...If you do, your call will be rejected automatically by our phone system and you will automatically hear a recorded message and we will have no idea you've tried to call us....The reason this happens is that our main number (01467 625300) has been enabled with an (anonymous number rejection system) This has been implemented to stop our staff having to answer time wasting telemarketing & survey calls during office hours....To release your number so you are guaranteed to get through......please dial (1470) then our number so again we can at least call you back if no one was available to answer your call....

All missed call numbers are logged on our computer system so we can call you back....If we know that there will not be anyone available to answer the office phones.... we divert all calls made to our main number directly to one of our mobile phones.....If you still wish to with-hold your number for what ever reason, you can call the sales department on the direct line number (01467 625643) between 8am and 5pm Mon - Fri & 9am - 12 noon on a Sat....

OR ... call them direct on our sales mobile number (07895 482137) between 9am and 7pm Mon - Sat...


For your security we strictly adhere to all "personal data" protection rules and regulations...We do not divulge any of our customers contact or personal information to anyone, we may however contact you via e-mail with any special offers which are available.....Any contact information held by ourselves .... i.e. .... phone numbers & address, are kept strictly confidential but are required so we can keep in contact with you and also for guarantee and invoice purposes........

Rest assured that all customers contact information is stored on a "stand alone" computer system which is not accessible by anyone other than the office staff at B.S. Joinery Services.

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Where can I find prices on the website?

We have removed our price list pages due to customers getting confused with all the different options available with-in the ranges of products we manufacture and not being able to associate prices against product descriptions.

Please e-mail for prices or phone if you wish to discuss the options available for any product.

If E-mailing please let us know where you are in the country ( a post code helps ) so we can advise of any delivery charges if applicable.

It also helps if you give a daytime contact phone number so we can call you to make sure we are quoting you for the right product option for your needs.


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LEGAL NOTICE....All photographs and intellectual information displayed on this web-site, are the sole property of B.S. Joinery Services .... 

Customers have our permission to print out any pages or photographs for private use only .... 

Any person, persons or company's found to be using any information including price lists, "PDF" files or photographs from this site for commercial purposes ...."WILL BE PROSECUTED!"

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